Daniel Gaucher


My photo portfolio, home to HDR, portrait and landscape photography.




This technique of photography has been gaining traction from it's controversial beginnings. Many have argued that digital manipulation of photographs makes the photographer more of a computer user than an artist.

Others have cited that artists have always embraced new tools in the name of their art, adapting new techniques and getting results closer to their mind's eye.

High Dynamic Range photography uses three exposures or more - one set at correct exposure, one at over exposure (by 3 stops) and one at under exposure (also 3 stops) to provide the photographer with an aperature range of almost 16 stops to play with. This allows highlights, shadows and depth of field unknown until recently.

I would have to agree that digital tools allow me to capture what my memories actually look like. That intensity and clarity, when I close my eyes to remember, are all there on the canvas to share with another human being.



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